Man Buys VHS At Junk Store Labeled ‘A Surprise’—And Boy, Does He Get One

Watching found VHS tapes from thrift stores is certainly a gamble. Sure, you might find your favorite, long-lost episode from a canceled TV series — but, you might also find someone else’s unappetizing homemade sex tape. Or, if horror movies have taught us anything, you could be cursed for life and/or die a gruesome death.

However, when Twitter user Foone discovered a VHS at his local junk store labeled “A Surprise!” with a hand-drawn smiley face, he was too curious to resist. He popped the tape into his VHS player and discovered the most infuriating surprise of all.

Yes. This guy just got Rickrolled by a total stranger, using obsolete technology — a situation made all the more humiliating by the fact that he probably paid some amount of money for that VHS tape.

You really have to admire the preposterousness.

Of course, people made sure to remind Foone of the lessons learned from The Ring.

Perhaps this is a sign that we’ve officially reached peak Rickrolling — I’m pretty sure that once you’ve gone to the trouble to figure out how to copy a joke from the internet onto a piece of technology that predates the internet by about a decade, you’ve officially gone too far.