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MAGA Dating App ‘Righter’ Appeals To ‘Submissive’ Women And Twitter Is Dragging Them Hard

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If you’ve noticed a decline in the number of MAGA lovers on your dating apps, you can thank “Righter”.

“Righter” is a new dating app that describes itself as the place where:

“RIGHT minds meet”

They aim to right the wrong (pun intended) of being swiped left on “simply for being a conservative.”

Their Twitter is full of tweets about how Liberals’ mindsets are “incomprehensible” and with pictures of couples holding hands while reading their Bibles.

Recently one of their tweets became the subject of more outrage/mockery than normal.

“Women desire to be submissive to a masculine man, they can’t help it, it’s innate within them. RIGHTER is all about the masculine & feminine magic.”

People cannot stop laughing.

One person thought their description sounded more like something from the BDSM lifestyle.

Stay safe, sane and consensual!

Some found the choice of image… interesting.

But others were appalled at the antiquated mindset.

The app is set to launch on November 15th—despite the fact that their website still says that it is:

“launching September 5, 2018”

Women are definitely lining up to sign up.

H/T: Rawstory, We Are Righter, Twitter


Written by B Miller

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