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‘MAGA Mom’ Rants At Teacher For Having Students Color In Electoral Map That Shows Biden Won


As our bizarre election drags on and Joe Biden’s margin of victory becomes larger and larger, the refusal by many Trump supporters to accept reality seems to only be deepening.

Case in point: A so-called “MAGA Mom’s” unhinged rant at her son’s teacher for having him and his class color in an electoral map that shows the actual election results, and not Trump’s version of the outcome.

A viral recording of the bizarre rant has left many people’s mouth hanging open.

The recording shows the mother’s sons schoolwork–a map of the United States, with states Joe Biden won colored in blue, states that Trump won colored in red, and the electoral vote totals tallied up at the bottom.

The child’s mother has put X’s over the six states the Trump Administration continues to insist are in dispute: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

In the recording, the mother is heard insisting that her son’s teacher instruct her students to do the same on their schoolwork to indicate which states are still undecided.

“The entire class should have this done again and X’s should be put or different colors should be put on their homework or another sheet and let them understand what the process is.”

“I’m not the only parent who thinks this. I’m just the only parent who’s not scared to stand up and say something.”

The teacher simply responds that she’ll have a discussion with the woman’s son, but that isn’t sufficient for the MAGA Mom, who vows to take the issue all the way to the principal.

Things only get more unhinged from there. The woman goes on to criticize the teacher for using Google as a source for the electoral results, instead of right-wing propaganda network One America News Network, or OAN.

The network focuses almost entirely on pro-Trump opinion content and conspiracy theories like QAnon, to which the mother is a devotee according to her now-private social media presences.

Trump supporters have flocked to OAN in recent weeks after abandoning Fox News in protest over its acceptance of the election results. Fox News was one of the earliest media outlets to call the election for Joe Biden.

On Twitter, people were variously shocked and amused by the mother’s seemingly total disconnection from reality.

All relevant election officials, including Republican administrators in Georgia and Arizona, have concurred that Joe Biden is the winner of the election and that there is no evidence of his victory resulting from fraud.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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