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Maine Man Charged In Violent Assault Of Woman After Calling Her A ‘F-cking F-ggot’ For How She Parked Her Car

Alana Reali/Facebook

A man in Maine has been charged with assault after violently attacking a woman with homophobic and physical abuse in a grocery store parking lot.

The incident happened in Portland, Maine at a Shaw’s grocery store.

The victim, 38-year-old Alana Reali, shared details of the incident in which Michael Roylos, 63, physically attacked her after calling her a f*ggot.

You can see Reali’s Facebook post here:

Hey guys I just had a homophobic man attack me in the Shaw’s north gate parking lot. This is his photo and license…

Posted by Alana Reali on Friday, July 3, 2020

Reali also spoke to The Bangor Daily News and gave more details of the encounter. 

Reali said she was parking at the Shaw’s supermarket, pulling between two trucks and forward over the center dividing line into the parking space in front of the one she initially pulled into. The maneuver is common as it allows a person to exit the parking space without backing up.

She noticed Roylos watching her from outside his car. As Reali got out of her vehicle, Roylos accused her of reckless driving.

As she walked toward the store, Reali says Roylos called after her with what could be construed as a threat. 

“that was the last time you’ll get away with that.”

Reali says she told Roylos to leave her alone, which is when he called her the homophobic slur. As she returned to her car to get her phone in order to photograph Roylos, he lunged at her and the attack ensued.

In her Facebook post, Reali detailed the harrowing encounter.

“He attacked me after calling me a ‘f**king f*ggot’ put me in a chokehold and started punching me in the back of the head. Thankfully there were people there as I was screaming bloody murder.”

“If no one was around this man would’ve killed me.”

It was those bystanders, thankfully, who heard her screaming and called police.

As Reali told the Bangor Daily News:

“I’m screaming ‘Please help’ and pleading for my life.”

Reali was able to break free of Roylos’ grasp and fell to the ground.

After police arrived, she was taken to Maine Medical Center for multiple injuries and released on Friday. Reali stated everything hurt but her ankle was the worst.

On social media, word spread of Roylos’ actions…

According to Portland police spokesperson Robert Martin, Roylos was charged with aggravated assault, assault, criminal threatening and interference with constitutional and civil rights.

In an update posted July 5, Reali shared a newspaper screenshot that stated Roylos’ charges were upgraded to felony assault.

Roylos was the owner/operator of two businesses in Portland, Maine but one was taken over by the city in 2018 and the other closed. It is unclear if Roylos is currently employed.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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