Maine Woman Tells FBI She Was Just Defending Herself When She Threatened To Decapitate Susan Collins

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A Maine woman was arrested after she left a string of threatening voicemails at multiple offices of Maine Senior Senator Susan Collins, WMTW has reported.

According to court records, the woman, identified as Katrina Preble, threatened to shoot Collins in the face and decapitate her.

But when an FBI agent and an Officer of the Bangor Maine Police Department arrived at Preble’s home she claimed Collins threatened her and went on to declare that she’d simply been defending herself when she made those phone calls.

Evidently, that explanation was utterly unconvincing. Law enforcement returned ten days later and arrested Preble.

Unexpectedly, her threats will go in the books as a crime committed across state lines because the server storing Collins’ voicemails is situated outside of Maine. Preble faces charges of making interstate threats.

When news of the threats hit Facebook, people were a taken aback. 

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Others speculated that another major factor played into Preble’s behavior. These commenters took a moment to get serious. 

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And, right on schedule, some people presumed to know her political affiliation and then made sweeping generalizations about liberals. 

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Those last comments were indicative of a unique aspect of Maine politics, the context in which such a violent threat occurred. 

Of all the 100 Senators serving across the United States, Collins has demonstrated the unique ability to straddle the line between Liberal and Conservative ideals.

Collins, a Republican, was first elected to the Senate in 1997.

Now Maine’s Senior Senator and fresh off an election victory on November 3, Collins has managed to maintain her seat for 23 years despite representing a complicated constituency that is typically conservative but does lean liberal from time to time.

Most recently, for example, Collins voted against the confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Regardless of her stance on certain issues, we hope Senator Collins will not have to fear for her safety again in the future.

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