Minnesota Man Arrested After Assaulting Elderly Couple With Golf Club Over Their Biden Sign

Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

A lot of people are not taking the transition into the new presidential term well, and Trump supporters are clearly taking it the hardest.

For instance, a man from Minnesota assaulted an elderly couple in White Bear Lake on Tuesday, just because they were sitting next to a “Biden 2020” sign they had hand-painted.

Observing the couple off of the corner of Minnesota 96 and Centerville Road, positioned on the ground next to their sign, 50-year-old Mark Anthony Ulsaker decided to take action as a Trump supporter by pulling over to confront the couple.

Ulsaker approached the 80-year-old man and 78-year-old woman from behind, yelling profanities and swinging a golf club at them. He struck the chair the woman was sitting in so hard, he broke the golf club. Then without his weapon, Ulsaker proceeded to punch the elderly man in the head.

He then returned to his red pickup truck and drove it up over the curb, frightening the elderly woman before fleeing the scene.

After multiple people called 9-1-1 with concerns about the incident, the police appeared at the scene and were able to track Ulsaker’s location, based on the license plate number witnesses had taken down during the incident.

When they initially attempted to make an arrest, Ulsaker swung at one of the officers, who later claimed to have pain in his hand from blocking Ulsaker’s blows.

Another officer then produced a stun gun, to which Ulsaker conceded.

Though Ulsaker has already made his first appearance in court, it’s unclear what his counts might be.

Twitter users of course had a lot to say about the situation, citing specific concerns about how Trump supporters have handled themselves throughout the election season, particularly now with Joe Biden projected as President-Elect. 

It’s completely understandable that some people would be disappointed at the selection of a president, since there is disappointment for some people every four years.

That being said, handling the situation with grace and continuing to be a functioning, contributing member of society is also a requirement. Striking an elderly person who does not share your political views surely does not fit the bill.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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