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Man Attacks Black McDonald’s Worker Over A Straw In Viral Video—And She Is Having None Of It

Facebook: Kinie Biandudi

As the great philosopher, Will Smith once said:

“Don’t start nothing. Won’t be nothing.”

This Florida man who tried to attack a McDonald’s employee should have heeded that advice.

The video uploaded to Facebook by TJ Biandudi, and taken by his sister, Kinie Biandudi, shows a white man, identified as Daniel Taylor, upset with a black employee named Yasmine James.

Taylor is upset he has to come up to the counter to request a straw. This leads to an altercation, as he violently grabs James and yanks her off her feet and towards the counter.

It does not go well for him after that.

Watch the video here.

Yasmine James immediately fights back against her attacker. She keeps hitting him until the other employees pull him off and make him let go.

The video shows Taylor continuously holding her shirt until just before she stops.

According to the police report, Taylor did not sustain any bodily injuries.

He seems perfectly cogent after the attack and says to the manager:

“I want her ass fired right now.”

James is having none of it.

“No, you’re gonna go to jail! You put your hands on me first!”

Taylor tries to counter by saying:

“I couldn’t control you! I was just asking you a f***ing question!”

The video ends with Taylor asking for a refund.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Taylor returned later and picked a fight with the manager behind the counter. It was only at this point that another employee forcibly removed Taylor from the premises.

Taylor was arrested and charged with two counts of battery. The first is obviously for this altercation.

The second comes from him kicking another employee as he was being escorted out.

Why did it take so long to remove him?

While there were rumors James had been fired over the incident, she has confirmed that she still has her job, and is on leave with pay.

Additionally, she has not started any donation pages, so please verify before donating to any GoFundMe claiming it is for James.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.