San Diego Man Charged With Hate Crime After Beating Three Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs


On Sunday, October 6, Kyle Allen, 50, was arrested attacking three Muslim women minding their own business while walking down the street in San Diego’s Little Italy district.

The women, who were wearing hijabs, were doing nothing when Allen allegedly went out of his way to run into them, causing a conflict.

The situation quickly worsened, with Allen telling the women to “go back to their own country.” Before long, he had begun slapping and striking the women.

Bystanders converged on the assault and began filming Allen as he tried to make an escape.

Blood can be seen on his cheek as he leaves the scene of the crime.

Fortunately, none of the three women, all between 20 and 30, were seriously injured. A bystander followed Allen back to his nearby apartment.

Police would later arrive at the apartment, where Allen would greet them with a pistol and silencer.

Allen was arrested without incident—meaning he was not shot or physically injured after pointing a weapon at police—on “three counts of battery, three counts of violating the state hate crime law and one count of possessing a firearm silencer” but is now free on bond awaiting his October 21 arraignment.

Dustin Craun, executive director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is in touch with the three women Allen assaulted and believes this incident is part of a nationwide trend.

“With the emboldening of white supremacists across the country, we’ve seen a rise in hate crimes in San Diego like other parts in the country.” 

According to reports from The Washington Post, anti-muslim hate crimes have seen a dramatic increase since Donald Trump took office. In fact, these hate crimes are more common now than they were directly after 9/11.

People fear what isn’t familiar to them. Hate filled adults start as impressionable children.

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