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Man Cleared Of Murder Conviction Thanks To DNA Evidence After Serving 37 Years Behind Bars

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Everyone’s worst nightmare is to be accused, convicted of and punished for a crime they did not commit.

Ffor one Florida man, that nightmare came true—until recently, when he was exonerated.

Robert Duboise, 55, served 37 years in Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green for the rape and murder of a woman in Tampa in 1983.

He was recently found to have been wrongfully imprisoned when DNA evidence came to light.

The Innocence Project shared the news on social media.

DuBoise was greeted by his mother, sister and attorney as he walked out of prison a free man.

DuBoise was originally sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life without parole following an appeal.

And though he’s a free man, DuBoise says he’s still a little cautious after having been incarcerated for 37 years.

“After all these years, you always have to wonder if they’re going to throw another curve in there somewhere.”

However, despite having served so many years, DuBoise says he holds no ill feelings.

“I don’t have room in my life for bitterness.”

“If you keep hatred and bitterness in your heart, it just steals your joy from everything else.”

Those wishing to support DuBoise’s transition out of prison can donate directly to his Amazon WishList.

The Innocence Project, which took on DuBoise’s case, works to exonerate wrongly convicted people through DNA testing.  They have freed over 380 people from prison.

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