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Man Dives Into Shark Tank In His Birthday Suit In Front Of Stunned Aquarium Visitors ?

Screenshot aquarium shark swimmer via YouTube

Toronto Police Services is on the lookout for a man who stripped naked Friday night at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto, during their monthly Friday night jazz event and then proceeded to dive into the Dangerous Lagoon (a 2.9-million-liter tank that includes 17 sharks).

Here’s the underwater NSFW video of the man swimming with the sand tiger sharks (*well, briefly before the sharks beat a path out there.?)


Folks online mostly found it funny:

Thanks to a forthcoming Reddit user named IkeaMonkeyyy, who posted about the experience online, we have an eyewitness account of what went down, along with the video taken by other bystanders: 

   At around 10:30 pm Friday some guy jumped completely nude (he seemed pretty intoxicated) into the shark exhibit and did like a couple laps laughing as the sharks were all around him. He got escorted out by security, unsure if he went to jail. I’m surprised it hasn’t popped up in the news at all this weekend, there were also a bunch of people videotaping it and a pretty big crowd watching it go down.

This same Redditor went on to update the story, drawing a parallel between the description of the naked man at the aquarium on a police report and that of a man involved in an assault earlier in the day.
Here are those Reddit edits:

  Edit: I just saw a police report on an assault that occurred earlier in the day. I’m like 85% sure that this is the same guy. He was missing teeth too.

  Edit: police report on the naked guy is out, the description of the guy between the 2 reports is almost exactly the same.

But for some watching the story unfold online, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home presented another undeniable parallel:

But humorous Star Trek references aside, it turns out that eagle-eyed Redditor was right, as CBC News is now reporting that the “man who swam naked among sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto late Friday is wanted in a violent assault earlier in the evening.” 

Police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante told CBC that:

 . . . investigators from the city’s west-end 14 Division and the downtown 52 Division connected the incidents on Monday through evidence and the clothing he was seen wearing.

The assault, which reportedly left the victim with serious injuries took place at around 8 p.m. ET Friday just outside Medieval Times at Exhibition Place. Police believe after the assault, the suspect fled to the aquarium, roughly five kilometers away.

The Sun Online, who spoke with a representative for Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, reported that:

According to internal surveillance video, the individual in question entered Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada shortly after 10 pm. After purchasing a ticket, he immediately disrobed and proceeded to climb over the security barrier into the exhibit.

The Toronto Police were contacted by security while aquarium personnel worked to get the man to voluntarily remove himself from the exhibit.

The unknown man, who exited the water, only to turn and dive backward into the tank again before finally agreeing to get out, then, took a fall when climbing back over a glass barrier before merging back in with the crowd to grab his clothes from a female accomplice and give police the slip.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is said to be cooperating fully with authorities, according to Sun Online an aquarium source said:

The individual fled the scene, however, TPS has been provided with both surveillance video and footage taken by staff and guests.

 A spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service told CBC News the swim was:

 . . . extremely dangerous . . . It put the man’s safety in jeopardy, the safety of the marine animals and the safety of the staff who tried to get him out of the water.

Peter Doyle, General Manager of Ripley’s Aquarium told CBC News, “We plan to press charges to the full extent of the law,” once the suspect has been apprehended.

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