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Man Who Followed Woman Four Blocks To Her Car Writes Anonymous Letter—But It’s Not What It Seems

Karlosmdq (Reddit)

A man from Belfast used Reddit to reach out to a woman that he seemingly stalked for four blocks.

Karlosmdq used the subreddit “TwoXChromosomes” to post a vivid account of why, exactly, he followed a woman for several blocks. Most women are (obviously) alarmed and on their guard when they see men following them, day or night.

The woman that Karlosmdq followed was no exception.

His story clearly describes the woman as being nervous and hyper aware of his presence. However, he surprised everyone when he claimed to reveal his true intentions.

The writer of the letter explains that he actually saw two intoxicated men leering at the woman and making moves to follow her. Karlosmdq chose to risk appearing threatening in order to ensure that the woman was not alone.

While he followed her he said he called the police. After the woman got into her car and drove away, he said he remained on the scene to file a police report regarding the men who were truly a threat.

Read his letter below.

To the girl that I followed today for almost four blocks to her car from TwoXChromosomes

People all over the world are thankful that Karlosmdq chose to risk looking like a creep to save this woman from a potentially horrific experience.

“My daughter is attending school in Belfast. She is an international student, out of her element, homesick, and going through some stuff, so being completely aware of her surroundings is probably not her strong suit right now. Hopefully not, but this could have been her. Thank you, even if she doesn’t know.” – lsweetie7

“That’s a good deed, friend. I’m a woman with two daughters. I hope someone would do the same for them, or me. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all looked out for one another like this? Well done.” – bluebayou19

“That was NOT an ending that I expected. You are an amazing person, thank you for keeping an eye on that woman. You probably saved her life.” – toasted__ravioli

“I’m especially relieved that you may have protected this woman and likely many more by actually calling the police and not just trying to scare the bad guys off with some brute strength. Good on You!” – 10_horse_hitch

“I was mad at first but then as I kept reading I realized that you’re and incredible human being. This shows you really can’t judge a book by its cover.” – Ponchoux

“Thank you.” Thisismyfreetime

Others related directly to the story.

“I did the same thing once. A very young girl was waiting for the bus when this old man (I’m not a young guy myself) was leering at her from his car and then turned into the bank parking lot where the bus stop was located. I did an about face, and stood there pretending to wait for the bus. I think I scared the young girl because she averted her gaze from where I was standing and tensed up. I pretended to wait for the bus until she got on, and then I walked away, probably just adding to her confusion.”  – nobodyoukno

“I hope she reads this.

I did something like this about 2-3 months ago. I was stuck on a street due to traffic. The light would change to green but maybe a cars length would move. I saw this really pretty woman walking down the sidewalk. She was looking at her phone while walking and had ear phones on, probably listening to music. Their was a Hispanic male walking very closely behind her. She stops to text someone and he j walks the streets and gets into a passenger side of a old crusty looking white cargo van. The driver was also a male and he was also looking at this girl. They drive past me and I though oh they were just checking her out. They do a U turn few cars behind me. Then I knew they were up to no good. Shes walking again but I get close enough to tell her. She doesn’t hear me or is ignoring me. i had cars behind and I couldn’t stop so I drive a block up and park. I could see the cargo van slowing down looking for her. This area had some larger trees and i also couldn’t locate her. I walk down the street just to make sure she cant be found. I cant see her, most likely made it safe into her apt. The white van was going slow even though their were car behind them. I could see the plate.

Ladies and gentlemen when walking down a street alone, please be wary of your surroundings.” – seriouslycuriousboy

“I’ve approached two different women before while walking home late at night, because I noticed superrrr sketchy dudes following them. It helps that I’m gay (and have the gay accent) and physically attractive (although I am 6’3), so both times they gladly accepted my request to walk them home (bc both of them were aware of the men following them before I approached). I’ve always wondered how men in general should approach the situation though, and this sounds like good advice.

Note to all dudes out there: please don’t ignore sketchy situations like this. It is so worth it to make sure a woman doesn’t get assaulted, even if she ends up thinking YOU were the creep instead of the actual creeps. However, if she refuses your help then obviously don’t keep following her and call the police instead (after alerting her that you’re gonna do so, like the above poster).”trumpfuckingsucks

“This happened to me in Istanbul. I got lost coming out of the grand bazaar and ended up in some alleyway. A lovely older man noticed a sleaze bag following me, and called out to me. He asked if I needed directions, then walked with me all the way to the blue mosque.” – imsohungryman

Not that ladies will be letting their guard down anytime soon. But it does go to show that people should look out for one another.

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