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Man Offers Heartwarming Update After Woman Caught On Video Throwing A Puppy At Him

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A Black man who had a dog thrown at him by a woman who attacked him last Friday shared heartwarming video updates to indicate the animal is now in safe hands.

Twitter user Glogloglo—a.k.a. @Mulallare—had previously posted a video of his encounter last Friday in an empty intersection with a seemingly disturbed White woman.

The woman in a black halter top was rough-handling a puppy in her arms and verbally harassing the man for unknown reasons.

While many of her comments were unintelligible, she did make repeated references to his race.

When asked if the puppy she was holding belonged to her, she hurled the animal at him in response. The puppy hit the ground, began yelping and then ran towards him.

The viral video sparked much outrage on social media.

Glogloglo tweeted:

“Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.”

A video update reveals that Glogloglo adopted the formerly abused Belgian Malinois.

The friend who filmed the adorable video can be heard calling the puppy’s new owner a “true hero.”

He added:

“Look at how happy she is. Look at that tail.”

It was posted on Instagram stories and later shared on Reddit, where those who were concerned about the animal’s welfare expressed relief.

A follow up to the video going viral of the crazy woman who throws a puppy at a man. from r/PublicFreakout

Redditors were delighted to see the pup being showered with love.

“I was wondering what happened in that situation, beyond glad the dog is in good hands now.” – PURPLEFLVCKO

“This is the best possible ending to the situation.” – ChristmasTreeFarmer

Glogloglo began featuring his new canine friend he called, “Movie,” on his Instagram page.


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Me n movie

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Much adoration poured in.

He was praised for taking good care of Movie.


According to the Daily Dot, Glogloglo set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to take good care of Movie. To date, the campaign has raised $5,262, surpassing its $3,000 goal.

The news outlet could not confirm rumors of the woman being charged for animal cruelty or arrested.

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