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Man Hurling N-Word At Black Lives Matter Activist In Front Of Little Girl Says She’s ‘Probably Heard It In School’


A new viral video captured an older man repeatedly using the N-word as he ranted at somebody holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

Throughout his tirade, which lasted over 2 minutes, the older White man also screamed “All Lives Matter” several times in connection to vague allegations that an unnamed 21-year-old White woman was killed by an unnamed “Black guy.”

The video of the incident, which took place in Martinsville, Virginia according to the accompanying Twitter caption, appeared to begin after the original argument between the man and the sign holder was already in progress.

But the older man escalated things when he invoked the racial slur:

“What about the White girl that just got shot by f***ing ni**ers…right in the damn head because she said, ‘All Lives Matter?’ “

The Black Lives Matter demonstrator responded by calmly denouncing the use of the N-word and began to leave the situation.

The man then struggled to understand the problem until he used the N-word again to clarify. When the BLM demonstrator again admonished the term and pointed to a child nearby, the man stated.

“I’m sure she’s probably heard it in school. She’s probably heard worse in school.”

After a brief argument, the older man agreed to stop using the term.

Nonetheless, he continued to discuss that all lives matter, accused the demonstrator of having wrong facts and compared them to a “horse with blinders on.”

Finally, after the impasse continued for another whole minute, the man stormed off.

He issued a vague threat as he departed:

“Y’all’s time is coming!”

People on Twitter were at the ready with criticisms of the man’s rants and motivations. 

As that last tweet laid out so succinctly, we can unfortunately expect more viral videos like this in the days, weeks, months and even years ahead. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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