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Man On Mobility-Scooter Sets Himself On Fire Near White House Causing Emergency Lockdown

White House fire
Daily Mail/Facebook

As if the Trump presidency couldn’t possibly get any stranger, the White House went into an emergency lockdown after a man in a mobility scooter set himself on fire along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Secret Service, as you can imagine, had a hell of a time.

Here’s their official statement on the matter:

“A male subject operating an electronic wheelchair-type scooter lit his outer jacket on fire while sitting along Pennsylvania Ave. outside the North Fence Line.”

“Uniformed Division Officers immediately responded, extinguished the fire and rendered first aid.”

“The male subject has been transported to a local hospital with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.”

The fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived on the scene.

President Donald Trump was in the White House at the time of the incident but was not in any danger.

Things were a little tense for a while there, with the Secret Service clearing the North Lawn, Lafayette Square and the sidewalk in front of the White House.

Members of the media were asked to stay in the West Wing.

The Secret Service later apprehended the man, who set himself on fire on the 15th Street side of Lafayette Park, directly across the street from the White House.

According to voter rights activist Daniel Kingery, the man’s act appears to have been a protest of some kind; the man held up his burning jacket and did not put it down even after being ordered by members of the Secret Service to do so.

“He wasn’t obeying their order to put it down, so it was definitely some sort of a protest.”

Reactions to the event appear to be split along party lines.

What a strange time to be alive.