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Man Caught On Camera Unloading Racist Tirade On Asian Woman After She Rejected His Advances


A shocking new video shows a man hurling racist and sexist insults at an Asian woman in a restaurant – and no one even tries to intervene.

The incident occurred in El Taurino restaurant in Los Angeles. The victim, HD Lee, shared video of the encounter to her Instagram page.

Warning: This video contains profanity, and racial and misogynistic slurs.


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This afternoon, I was verbally and almost physically assaulted by a stranger due to the color of my skin. While I was waiting in line to order food, the person next to me handed me their card and said let’s have lunch together. I declined and said, “I’m sorry, I’m married.” He then snatched his card back and screamed the most HATEFUL racial slurs and DEGRADING words in the English dictionary towards me. I am appalled that someone would tell me to “Go back to Asia” after being born and raised in the US. What was more disappointing is that LAPD said there’s NOTHING they can do to address the situation. This is 2020 and we are ALL fighting for EQUAL rights. I will never forget the words that this man uttered. Please share this video so we can raise awareness that treating everyone with love and kindness is more important now than ever before. I hope and pray that someone can recognize this man so he can get the help that he desperately needs before another person is attacked.

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According to her Instagram post, Lee was ordering food at El Taurino when the man in the video approached her with his business card and asked her to sit with him in the restaurant.

Lee declined, explaining that she is married. The man then became irate and went on a tirade against her. As Lee described it in her caption:

“He then snatched his card back and screamed the most HATEFUL racial slurs and DEGRADING words in the English dictionary towards me.”

In the video, the man can be heard screaming at her to “Go back to Asia,” calling her a “c*nt,” a “ho” and a “f*cking b*tch.”

In one of the more bizarre moments in his tirade, the man professes his allegiance to Barack Obama before insulting her appearance.

“I’m a contributor to the Obama administration you f*cking Asian c*nt. Look at you, you ain’t even fine. You look like sh*t.”

The man also states what he claims is his name and social security number to Lee while she films him.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the video is that, despite Lee’s repeated pleas for help, the restaurant’s employees do not intervene until the last minute – and when they do they give the man free food, according to statements Lee gave to Next Shark:

“After nearly two minutes of being degraded, the two employees finally stepped in and asked him to go to the other corner of the restaurant”

“They gave him free food and left. I waited and cried in the corner for 30+ minutes before the police came.”

On Reddit, where the video appeared in the LosAngeles subReddit, people were confused, angered and appalled by the scene.

“I hope his identity is stolen for years to come” —illaparatzo

“…not only is he a racist POS, but he has masculinity issues. He’s one of those men with thin skin that can’t take rejection.” —getmecrossfaded

“…I can’t believe guys think this is okay. I realize why girls have to turn guys down gently.” —ken_NT

“Why everyone just ignore what’s going on?” —Iwubwatermelon

“What the heck. El Taurino usually has several security guards. I wonder where they were.” —fighton09

“Disgusting behavior. That poor woman :(” —wehousewife

“Why the hell didn’t management step in and kick this a**hole out right away?” —SocksElGato

“Horrible experience for this lady. I do think this individual is not well mental health wise and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in need or receiving treatment…” —flipopapotamus

“This guy is mentally ill. He looks like he’s going almost cross eyed at times during his rant.” —stealyourmangoes

“Aww, poor lady. When she cried, I started to cry…” —_madnessthemagnet

According to Lee’s statements to Next Shark, the LAPD declined to file a report because, they told her, situations like hers happen all the time.

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