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Man Speeding Through Rush Hour Traffic In Homemade Roller Suit Is Insanity At Its Finest

Image Credit: CCTV+/YouTube

Try as you might, you’ll never be quite as cool as the man who put on a homemade roller suit and flew out into Chinese rush-hour traffic, only to dodge around innumerable cars before being arrested.

The man was ultimately arrested for his own safety because what he was doing was incredibly dangerous — and not terribly bright. That said, his suit looked incredibly cool and anyone with an ounce of life in their body would use it the same way he did.

The man’s reckless bravery shocked Twitter:

The roller suit is battery operated and can be steered using a remote control the driver holds in his hand.

Police are determining whether or not they will press charges against the roller-suit rider.

Even Twitter had to admit the suit looked VERY unsafe:

But maybe a few more add-ons could make it safer…

Perhaps the roller-suit driver was just preparing for his entry into a certain futuristic military squad…

Sorry you were arrested, roller-suit man, but congratulations on being yourself in the most daring way possible!

H/T – Road Show, ABC 13

Collin Gossel

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