Mandy Moore Used An Unfortunate Red Carpet Look From 2001 To Share A Hilarious Warning ?

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Celebs who can laugh at themselves are our favorites. Celebs who give us life tips we can actually use are pretty high up on the list, too. Yeah, we’re not talking about you, Gwyneth, sorryboutit.

One celeb is giving us what we love right now — Mandy Moore. Mandy has been on our radar for a long time, starting her career as a child singer and actress. She got a major record deal when she was only 15 years old. That means the world got to watch as she navigated her way through her awkward teen years AND the inherent awkwardness of 2000’s fashion trends.

Mandy’s first video was just … just … it’s a parade of bad fashion, severe annunciation, and is that a discman worn like a purse!?!?! Yes. Yes, it is. 

Mandy recently stumbled across some old pictures of herself from a 2001 movie premiere. First of all, we know it was the early 2000s, cause nobody wears jeans to a movie premiere anymore. Secondly, Mandy — whose hair is naturally brownish — is sporting bleached blonde locks, complete with fried ends and everything. But it wasn’t the poor fashion choices or over-processed hair that made Mandy laugh and share her cautionary tale, however… oh no.

It was her weirdly orange bleached and dyed eyebrows. (Shout out to those flyaways sticking straight out the sides of her head.)



Mandy shared the pics as a hilarious warning to the world: #DontDyeYourEyebrows


Fans and followers agreed, it was a tragic time for all. 





So what have we learned? Step away from the bleach and eyebrow dye — and Mandy Moore cares about all of us (and our eyebrows.)

Thanks Mandy. We love you too!


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Written by Erica Diaz

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