Women Share What Happens When Men Tell Them They Prefer A ‘Natural Look’

Image Source: Twitter

Makeup is its own cult, and it’s not just for women. There are a lot of men who can cut a crease better than Dolly Parton on her best day. However, there remains a contingent of men who both don’t engage in makeup, yet feel extremely qualified to critique it. These men seem to be under the impression that women are wearing makeup for the male gaze. Some probably are, I’ll admit it. But the majority of women doing makeup are doing it for themselves.

This isn’t new, but it’s still a concept that the fellas have trouble understanding. Many men seem to think their opinion on makeup is not only interesting, but wanted. What is that opinion? That they prefer a “natural look.” What does that mean exactly? Hot without trying? Well, the bad news is the “natural look” is mostly constructed with makeup, too, unless you’re 22 and blessed with good genetics. Everyone has flaws, and if we were really gonna go natural, there’s be no moisturizer, sunscreen, or even a helpful dab of concealer. I believe women without makeup on are beautiful, but usually guys citing the natural look have no idea how much work it is to pull off.

I doubt those guys are reading this. If they are, here is my message: STOP SAYING THIS TO WOMEN.

Twitter user Amy Fowler shared a hilarious story about exactly this situation. She writes that she was on the train putting on her make up when a guy decided to air his opinion:

Telling a guy you prefer the “silent look” is the perfect clapback, so congrats to Amy. Still, what was this guy thinking? That she’d throw her makeup on the floor, thank him for freeing her from the shackles of her makeup routine, and offer to sleep with him as a thank you? There is no good outcome to telling someone you don’t like their face as they like it.

Yet it happens all the time, as stories other women shared with the replies shows:

The women are sick of it and they’re ready to pour the burn sauce on your for trying.

Telling a woman what she should do with her face won’t get you a date, and it won’t make you any friends. If you love the natural look so much, find a lady who does, too. They’re out there—but hopefully they’re already dating someone better.