Mark Hamill Admits To Appearing At Comic-Con In Disguise—But Maybe He’s Just Messing With Us ?

Mark Hamill

Few celebs interact with their fans on social media as much as Mark Hamill. Whether it’s discussing politics or wishing people a happy birthday, Hamill definitely knows his way around the Twitter-sphere. But this past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con and a little rumor got spread around online.

Known for being a playful internet troll to his followers, people weren’t sure what to make of his claims. He proceeded to add fuel to the fire and released a photo of himself dressed in full support of the show he had some hand in helping revive, Brooklyn 99. The popular police comedy had a panel at SDCC this weekend, so was Hamill there in secret?

Was he there? It was hard to tell as Hamill wasn’t doing much to dispel the rumors, posting photos of his planned cosplays, as well as a picture of himself getting suited up in a First Order Stormtrooper costume.

Hamill’s playful nature must have finally broken people because many insisted they saw him there, even dressed as an orange faced Stormtrooper who loves golfing. (Wonder who that’s referencing?)

In the true spirit of trolling, Hamill did nothing to quash fans’ hopes. He insisted all of the attributed photos were him—even when it sometimes wasn’t physically possible.

Was the famed Jedi Master really at the con over the weekend? Probably not. However, only he really knows. Still, it’s fun to imagine Hamill there at every turn.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter


Written by Robert Acosta

Robert Acosta is an elementary school teacher, private tutor, freelance writer, and middle-grade author based out of Phoenix, AZ. In his free time he likes to think way too much about comic books and hang out with his wife and two cats.