Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Avoid Stepping On Rainbow Stairs

homophobe rainbow stairs

Thereís nothing funny about homophobia. LGBTQ+ people are being discriminated against, harassed, and even killed on a daily basis just for being who they are, and it¬ís a serious problem. However, sometimes this prejudice takes such ridiculous forms that you can¬ít help but laugh, and that was certainly the case with a homophobic man who went to great lengths (and heights) to avoid walking up rainbow stairs.

A now-viral video appeared online on Friday showing a man scaling a set of what are definitely not stairs rather than walking up the totally normal-sized and easily accessible stairs just to his right, which are painted in rainbow colors and feature pro-LGBTQ+ messages. Twitter immediately went crazy, pointing out the absurdity of the man’s actions.

¬ďHomophobes really are stupid. Just walk on the rainbow stairs dude,¬Ē wrote user DCHomos.

IamIanJacob added, ¬ďGreat metaphor for how they make their own lives more difficult in a world evolving around them.¬Ē

Of course, there’s no way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the guy avoided the stairs because he’s a rampant homophobe, but there’s really no other explanation for what’s going on here.

I mean, would he really feel emasculated or as if he was making a public statement about supporting gay rights by¬Ö walking up a set of stairs? The mind boggles.

The video, originally posted by Zod14_, was later deleted, though thankfully it was saved and reposted for posterity, and many came to the unidentified man¬ís defense, with one claiming that maybe he simply wanted to see if he could climb the non-steps quickly because that¬ís how ¬ďdude logic¬Ē works. Another chastised those condemning the man for assuming his motivations from a short video.

While one pointed out possibly the greatest issue of all:

Whatever this guy’s reason for avoiding the rainbow stairs, one thing’s for sure: he definitely got Twitter talking about him.