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Matador Takes A Bull’s Horn Right Up The Butt In Gruesome Video—And Doctors Say It Nearly Killed Him


Warning: this article contains graphic images and descriptions.

French matador Juan Leal, 26, took a sneak attack from his intended target in a most unfortunate place at the 12th day of the San Isidro bullfighting fair.

As the video below shows, Leal gets gored in the rear-end, and the bull’s horn apparently hit its target, entering Leal’s rectum, nearly fatally.

The crowd screamed in sympathetic horror as Leal leaped up and hobbled away while colleagues distracted the bull.

However, Leal insisted on finishing the set before being carried out on a stretcher, and now doctors say he is lucky to be alive.

Bullfighting is a very controversial practice which has several responders completely unsympathetic toward Leal:

(Translation: a pity the bullfighter lived.  I’ll wish the bull more luck next time.)

Dr. Máximo García Leirado, Leal’s doctor, said to publication Los Pleyers that Leal was lucky to be alive. If one of the bones in his sacrum was placed anywhere else, the bull’s horn could have pushed further into his rectum and killed him.

“I cannot explain how he could continue to fight and kill the bull, because a normal person, with such a wound, cannot walk,” he continued.

Leal is expected to make a full recovery.

Bullfighting too often ends in tragedy for bullfighter and bull alike.

Here’s wishing Leal a full and swift recovery.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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