Man Follows Afghan-Americans Around For Miles Just To Harass Them—Gets Dubbed ‘Raymond The Racist’

Twitter: @AmeerG95

It seems as though more and more, white people are beginning to think that being openly racist is acceptable in society. Over the last several weeks, we’ve discovered some of the worst kind of individuals all over the country, from BBQ Becky to Permit Pattie to Pool Paula.

Now,  thanks to Twitter, we’ve uncovered yet another white racist who spends his free time yelling at people of color–Raymond the Racist. Raymond was discovered on Twitter after user Ameer Ghousi shared a video that is truly disturbing. Along with the video, Ghousi writes that he and his brother were being followed for miles on the highway in their car, which has both an Afghan flag sticker and an American flag sticker. Both Ghousi and his brother are American citizens.

When they decided to pull over and see why they were being tailgated for so long, Raymond the Racist appears screaming, cursing, and telling both brothers to “go back to Afghanistan and tend their goats.” After the brothers tell him they were “born here,” he continues to yell racist remarks. The video was posted 24 hours ago and has since been viewed over 1.3 million times on Twitter.

One of the brothers in the video pointed out that Raymond the Racist was wearing a “Reston Association” t-shirt while screaming the disgusting statements and, someone on Twitter decided to call the company out on behalf of their employee’s behavior.

After seeing the video, the company’s CEO released a statement, claiming the man featured in the video was a seasonal employee who only worked with them for a few months in 2015. However, the company did condemn Raymond the Racist’s behavior and remarks.

The official statement reads: 

Reston Association became aware of a video posted on social media today that shows a former RA seasonal employee making inappropriate comments to a man seated in a vehicle. The association strongly condemns the remarks made by the former employee, who briefly worked at RA from March-August 2015.

As an organization founded on Robert E. Simon Jr.’s vision of a community that embraces diversity, RA rejects comments or actions that display intolerance. RA members and staff support the core values upon which our community was founded. As an organization, we strive to meet the unwavering standards of our members and remain the respectful and welcoming community that was founded over 50 years ago.

People on Twitter who viewed the video expressed their outrage and disgust towards the man who thought that this was appropriate and okay. Users also cracked hilarious jokes, coming up with “names” for the man, and even some new memes.

The man has not yet been identified, but Twitter users are putting the video on blast waiting to see if the brave people of the Internet can uncover this racist’s true identity. When will people learn that being racist gets you absolutely nowhere in life? Other than, of course, put on blast on social media.