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Megyn Kelly Calls Trans Activist ‘Unwell’ In Transphobic Response To Tweet About Puberty Blockers

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In case there was any doubt about which side of history Megyn Kelly stands on, a transphobic rant she posted to Twitter may have cleared up all confusion.

Kelly’s response rant was in response to trans activist Zinnia Jones tweeting in support of trans youth being able to take puberty blockers if they want to.

Kelly’s hot take followed the usual right-wing rhetoric. 

Using the words “awful,” “abusive,” “insanity,” and “unwell” all in one sentence to describe trans activists?  Not the best look, Megyn.

Kelly has had some strange inconsistencies in her positions about trans people in the past.

She’s had some hardcore fails, like this time, when she had a panel of transgender youth on her morning show on TODAY:

But on Fox News of all places, she appeared to make an important distinction to an avid supporter of the trans bathroom ban:

So her position on this issue remains muddled at best.

Zinnia Jones’ work as a trans researcher and advocate is broad; so Kelly’s reduction of Jones’ reaction to the court case filed by a 23-year-old woman in the UK, whose lawsuit against the British National Health Service’s gender-identity youth clinic alleges that she was wrongfully prescribed blockers as a minor without enough of a “challenge” from the clinic; is also harmful to trans people.

The perspective Kelly is choosing to use against trans activists as a whole by co-opting Zinnia Jones’ one reaction tweet is worrisome. Context matters and the response Kelly amplified without context is counter to good journalism.

Perhaps Kelly might reflect on that the next time she winders why she’s no longer at Fox News or NBC.

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