Memphis Teen Contracts Horrible Case Of Hookworms During Florida Mission Trip

Facebook/Kelly Mulhollen Dumas

Warning: this article contains graphic photos of a parasitic infection.

A Memphis teen named Michael Dumas has been in severe pain since contracting a bad hookworm infection on a mission trip to Florida. While most of the trip had been spent hard at work, the group enjoyed a day of recreation and spent it at Pompano Beach. Four of the eight boys on the trip contracted a hookworm infection, though Michael’s was by far the worst. They speculate that he contracted the parasite when his friends buried him in the sand.

Michael’s mother Kelli posted this plea on Facebook…

***Update- I’ve included the microscopic image of the hookworm our dermatologist took from my son. These are hookworms…

Posted by Kelli Mulhollen Dumas on Friday, July 20, 2018

The full post reads…

“Urgent prayer request!! Michael went to Miami June 20 for a mission trip. He was buried in the sand for fun and it has become our nightmare. Four of our people contracted a parasitic infection, hookworms, from the Pompano Beach. Michael has the worst case, by far. He has taken Clindamyacin, Ivermectin, a steroid dose pack, and Albenza which cost $1356 for 6 pills (yes that is with insurance and yes I had to pay it!). But you can get them for $0.30 per pill in Honduras??. Thank you, FDA. We have been to the pediatrician 4 times, to a dermatologist and have a follow up appointment today. He is in pain and this is AWFUL. Never be buried in sand or allow your children to be either! I am only showing a few pictures because it is so disturbing. Please, please pray for him to heal. Also feel free to SHARE THIS POST AND WARN OTHERS. The Health Department in Pompano Beach said “Everyone knows to wear shoes on the beach because you can get parasites.” I assured them everyone does NOT KNOW THAT!!”

While the family has insurance, medications are still costing them over $1,000.

According to Fox Carolina

“Kelli said she called Broward County Health Department to tell them what happened. She hoped she would be able to alert the authorities, who would take precautions that could save another family a lot of heartache.

But instead, Broward County Health Department blamed her son for the infection.

‘She explained to me that everyone knows you’re supposed to wear shoes on the beach,’ Kelli said. ‘I said, I have a doctorate and I’m 54 and I’ve never worn shoes on the beach!'”

Some people couldn’t help but rag on Florida.

Others just demanded to know specifically where this happened.

And others decided to heed the shoes warning.

But most were just grossed out.

While we didn’t wear shoes to the beach before, we certainly will now!

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Written by Dana Levinson

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