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Michael B. Jordan’s Thirst Trap Photo Encouraging People To Vote Has Twitter Feeling All Sorts Of Ways

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As we count down the final days until the election, tons of celebrities have doing what they can to inspired high turnout at the polls, using their social media platforms to encourage people to get out the vote.

Actor Michael B. Jordan decided to take things one step further by adding something a bit… let’s say “inspirational” to his pro-democracy tweet. A red-hot thirst trap that you might say has people very distracted from their ballots!


Jordan posted the photo to his Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday afternoon, and the response has been overwhelming.

With a photo featuring his well-developed chest and biting his lip in a way that can only be described as suggestive, Jordan included a caption that read “Vote Early,” along with a check mark and ballot box emoji.

​On Instagram, Jordan also included infographics offering a checklist of best practices to make sure your electoral voice is heard, and another that provided a list of steps to follow to make sure you can vote early in your district. Sexy, resourceful, ​and patriotic—quite the trifecta!


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Vote Early ✅ 🗳

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But on Twitter, Jordan settled for just the shirtless, lip-biting thirst trap, and while the results are of course unscientific, it seems like it might have been one of the most effective get out the vote drives in American history. With more than 31,000 retweets and nearly 124,000 likes, that’s a LOT of potential ballots. Don’t let anyone tell you lust isn’t a powerful motivator!

And as you might expect, Jordan’s post drew a wide array of responses from his fellow tweeters, from the patriotic and definitely thirsty…

And many applauded him for using his sexual power for the greater good.

But others found it a liiiiittle bit awkward and ham-fisted.

But hey, if a little lust gets even one more person to the polls, let’s just call it a net win!

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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