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Michelle Obama Got Her Groove On Alongside Tina Knowles At Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Paris Concert

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to cutting a rug. She and President Obama were often seen dancing together. She also used dance as part of her health initiatives, and she has been known to graciously and enthusiastically jam out during several of her guest appearances on television shows.

Dancing with White House visitors? Yes, please!

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Michelle Obama is also a pretty well-documented fan of Queen Bey, just like the rest of us. When the Beyonce/Jay-Z tour had a stop in Paris, Obama and her daughter, Sasha, couldn’t resist. Sasha hung out in the stands but once the show got going, Michelle was nowhere to be found.

That’s because she had made her way down right by the side of the stage to hang out with the cool kids…namely Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles. The pair made waves all over Twitter as people filmed them enjoying the show.

And they SO enjoyed the show.


The verdict is in: she was a hit! 


We’d say we hoped Michelle had a good time but, from the videos, we can tell she absolutely did. Keep being “Flawless,” Michelle!

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Written by Erica Diaz

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