Chandler Riggs Just Revealed Who Negan Killed In Two Alternate ‘Walking Dead’ Endings

Spoiler alert for Seasons 7 and 8 of The Walking Dead. 

It’s certainly tough to exist in the world of TWD. You never know who’s going to be the next casualty of an errant zombie bite or megalomaniac’s bat, but while fans certainly feel the worst of the tension, the showrunners also like to keep the cast in the dark, shooting alternate endings with different victims just to keep everybody on their toes. Chandler Riggs, who played Carl until his grisly and unexpected demise in the midseason finale, spilled the beans at Sacramento’s Fandemic tour that Negan’s brutal murders at the end of season six had a few alternate takes.

When the cast got the script to the episode, there were “three different versions and three different versions that we shot. Versions where Glenn and Abraham died, and then another version where Maggie and Aaron died, and another one where Aaron and Eugene died. It’s like, three different versions that we had filmed. Obviously, those versions weren’t as intense and as thorough as the real ones – even so, only the editors knew which one was the real one and the actors and crew and whatnot, and not everyone in post-production, like it usually is.”

That just seems kind of mean, especially to poor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, a victim in both alternate endings.

Big changes are coming to TWD with the forthcoming departures of core cast members Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan. Will they go down swinging or walk gently into the sunset like Carl? Riggs, like the rest of us, has no idea and is amped to find out.

Naturally, upon hearing that there could’ve been other ways to go, the internet collectively said, “SPARE GLENN.”

The show certainly likes killing off popular and central characters in their season premieres, so considering that Aaron and Eugene are the only potential Negan victims left alive at the end of season 8…well, their odds aren’t too strong.

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Written by Chet Dawson

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