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Georgia GOP Gov. Candidate Plans On Rounding Up Illegal Immigrants With His ‘Deportation Bus’

It’s tough to refer to things as “a new low” anymore, since 2018 just keeps happening and we’re all technically the oldest we’ve ever been. But for those who thought that candidate Trump talking about Mexico sending America their “rapists, murderers” and “some good people” might have been a little much, we’d like you to meet Georgia State Senator Michael Williams and his Very Special Bus.

Yeah, that Very Special Bus is his hard-rockin’, barred-window Supercool Bus for Manly Men Rounding Up The Illegals. Williams is enthusiastic as all get out to ride around in a bus bearing the label, “Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molestors, and other criminals on board.” You will notice that “molesters” is misspelled.

He’s planning a “Sanctuary City tour” with his bus, visiting each of the three cities in Georgia — Decatur, Athens, and Clarkston — whose municipal governments have refused to allow their law enforcement officers to act as immigration agents. The tour aims to “shine a light on the dangers of sanctuary cities and the overwhelming problem of illegal immigration.” “We’re not just going to track them and watch them roam around our state, we’re going to put them on this bus and send them home,” he says in the promotional video for the bus, electric guitars noodling thereunder. Per the Huffington Post, “It’s unclear how the politician plans to lawfully apprehend immigrants, let alone deport them. Williams did not respond to a request for comment.”

Williams was Georgia’s co-chair of the Trump Presidential campaign. He’s campaigning for Governor in Georgia and is polling at a zesty 3% in the run-up to the May 22 Republican primary. See if you can spot him in this very informative graph:

What does one do when one is 37 percentage points behind the frontrunner? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it’s to be determined if painting a bus with the word “molestor” and then getting into that bus will move that needle the way he’s hoping.

Either way, with the exception of that 3.2% depicted above, the internet collectively recoiled.

We’ll see how this strategy plays out in a few weeks. We’re at least talking about him, which can indeed be smart politics, but he’ll be forever linked to the word “molestor.”

H/T: The Huffington Post



Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.