Pub Landlady’s Touching Response To Man Asking If His Disabled Son Is Allowed Inside Goes Viral

Being a parent isn’t easy, but being responsible for someone with special needs can be especially depleting. Happily, though, there are some folks out there who make it their business to bring an extra helping of kindness to these families. Case in point: the manager of The Barrel Chapeltown pub in Sheffield, England. Steph Tate, 29, had an experience accommodating a father of a boy with special needs that prompted her to make a public statement.

The Adams have had a hard time taking their son Matthew, 13, into public, due to his disability. “I’ve had so many negative comments and verbal abuse pretty much every time I’ve been out on my own with Matthew,” Leila Adams told HuffPost UK. They often worry about “ruining other people’s evenings.”

Adams told HuffPost:

Our son is usually very happy and sociable, he loves being out and about. However, quite often this can result in a very high pitched screaming or yelling to express this enjoyment, often accompanied by throwing his arms about and banging his head on his wheelchair, which is part of his sensory processing disorder.

Leila Adams

Tate was initially confused upon being asked if it was okay for the father and son to stay, but was then heartbroken to hear of the difficulties the family has had in public.“It can be difficult enough for parents to take out children in wheelchairs, so to be turned away from somewhere when you do take them out is just awful,” she said.

Tate posted about it the next day and, thousands of likes and shares later, her generosity is the talk of Sheffield.

The post particularly touched a chord in families with similar situations. 

Praise and gratitude came pouring in from all over the world, overwhelming both Tate and the Adams family.

Cheers, Tate.

H/T: Daily Mail


Written by Chet Dawson

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