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These Painfully Adorable Cat Comics Are What The Damn Internet Is All About

Cynics, beware – Japanese illustrator Nitori Sasami has created a manga comic strip about bonding with a new pet that is both hauntingly accurate and pulverizingly adorable. The story is simple – guy finds cat left in a box on the street, takes the cat home, gets acquainted. Tucked inside is a charming ode to friendship that even cat-allergy crowd will find both familiar and uplifting. The best part is the strip is basically a motion comic with as many gifs as straight-up illustrations. 

Sasami has said that if the strip is a success, we'll see more – so here's to the surprise friendships in our lives. May we all take a second trip back to that cardboard box.

1. You meet a cat… but have stuff to do.

2. You come back later, and kitty remembers you.

3. That first step through the door. 

4. Street kitty needs a thorough cleaning before making kit-self at home. 

5. "Cat Logic" is on full display – as is 'new owner' overwhelmedness. 

6. The first trip to those few aisles of the store you never went down before.

7. The first stab at proper bonding – the cute buy. 

8. Real bonding – and the learning curve.

9. Certain things you never thought about have become a spectator sport.

10. And yeah… Cat Logic. 

11. Kitty's stare is a thing of magnificence. 

12. Finally, Kitty finds a way to be useful. 

13. The endless possibilities of new friendship. 

14. Suddenly, you've got someone cheering you on for everything. 

15. Establishing boundaries can be kinda tough when new furry friends are cute enough. 

16. Sharing can be the greatest gift of all. 

17. It would be nice if we could directly communicate with our furry friends. 

18. With a new pet, there are a lot of decisions to make, but they deserve time and thought. 

19. And now you've got a responsibility between all your other responsibilities. 

20. Kitty will find a way to even the score. 

21. Guy, meet Kyuu-Chan. 

22. And Kyuu-chan is showing you a different side of life. 

23. And now, little dull things can be amazing. 

24. Little mindless things are a lot less lonely. 

25. Things are both less scary… and way scarier. 

26. The "Cat Logic" is strong – the new bed is nice, but there's nothing like a cuddle. 

27. The evidence of your new friend can be everywhere. 

28. The magical realism of Kyuu-chan's socks is a singular delight. 

29. And your new friend is there for you to give you support where you didn't realize you needed it. 

30. And that bonding leads to a new richness in life. 

And that, folks, is exactly what it can be like to bring home a new pet. 

H/T: Helvetica Sans


Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.