Video Of Snake Drinking Water Has People Reconsidering Their Hatred Of Them

The Adam & Eve story set up thousands of years of snakey distrust – for sure, it's unsettling to see a creature that can move without at least wiggling something. Lots of us out there might raise an eyebrow at the idea of a snake for a pet since there's no direct playtime mechanism and very little to cuddle. But! Have you seen a snake drink? It's every bit as zomg adorbz as any Pomeranian. Check it. 

Come on. That's approaching cuddly! The little gulpies, the dainty tongue. It certainly looks poisonous, but according to Google their venom is really only a problem for toads.

Not great lighting here, and that death stare is kinda arresting, but snakey there wins back points for having the name "Long Dog". It's genius.

Check out the dainty Snake Princesses having their afternoon tea.

Yeah, there's gotta be a whole community out there of folks attempting to rehab the snake image, hence the following photo:

Not talking any of us into actually owning one of these, but boy, that's cute.

So, you know, keep an open mind. 

H/T: Twitter


Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.