Woman Claps Back After An Unwanted Compliment From A Man—And His Response Shows Why Our Society Is So Messed Up ?


Fellas, listen up – the goal of flirting is to make the other person feel good. If you fail to make the other person feel good, gracefully float out of their peripheral vision and try to accept that you should have said nothing. 

Don’t, under any circumstances, react like the anonymous and thoroughly indefensible jerk in writer Rebecca Mix’s story below.

Don’t be that guy.

Yes, yes, we know – hashtag Not All Men. Sure. But lots of men have done this kind of thing to hashtag Yes All Women and nobody needs to go out of their way to validate your physical attraction to them.

Mix’s thread subsequently blew up. “I’ve gotten a lot of support, but it’s … interesting how furious some men are,” Mix told Scary Mommy. “The tweets they’ve been making and tagging me to make sure I see them calling me a whore/ugly/telling me to die are wild.”

“Honestly, I feel like men with that kind of toxic masculinity are so used to responding with anger that when someone says, ‘Hey, this behavior isn’t okay,’ they perceive it as a personal attack instead of a problem with the larger culture as a whole so they automatically lash out.”

And yes, the ladies of Twitter collectively cringed in solidarity.

Thankfully, the culture may be shifting. 

Tact is a lost art form, fellas. Rediscover it.

H/T: Twitter, Aplus


Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.