L-MINNESOTA - 1987: Rock and roll band 'Aerosmith' performs onstage in 1987 in Minnesota. L-R: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry. (Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) R-Photo via American Pickers/History Channel

Aerosmith’s Original Tour Van From 1964 Found Abandoned In The Woods In Massachusetts ?

We know Aerosmith are kind of party animals, but what exactly did Steven Tyler and company do to completely lose their entire first tour van in the middle of the woods?


CBS News reported that we have no idea what happened or why the band abandoned their original tour van. But History Channel’s American Pickers were determined to solve the mystery and, lo and behold, deep in the woods of Chesterfield, Massachusetts, they were successful.


A resident of Chesterfield named Phil, who owns the property upon which the van was abandoned, helped Pickers find it. The van was abandoned some time in the 1970s, so Phil deduced that the van has been on his land for the entire time he has owned it.


Just to make doubly sure, the Pickers called in a founding member of Aerosmith, Ray Tabano, to take a look.

“It certainly looks like it. Oh my goodness gracious.” Tabano pored over every inch of the van. “I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s been like 40 years since we were in this thing. It was like a touring hotel… This is definitely the van. You found it.”


To take home the “piece of rock-n-roll history” they had just come upon, the Pickers paid $25,000 to Phil, the landowner.

The Pickers said:

If you had the opportunity to buy one of the biggest and most iconic pieces of rock and roll history for $25,000 — hell yes you would.

We feel that we agree with that sentiment. Dream on, rockers.

H/T: CBS News, People


Written by Mike Walsh

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