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Apparently, Ashley Tisdale Said “Finders-Keepers” To Disney After Stealing A Few Key Items From The HSM Set

Apparently, Ashley Tisdale is a lot more like Sharpay Evans than we could have thought.

In a recent BuzzFeed interview, she disclosed that she took almost her entire wardrobe, plus some other items, home with her from the set of the hit movie High School Musical.


Disney tried so hard to get the clothes from me and I was like, ‘No, this is mine.'”

“Did I think I was going to wear them on the red carpet? Probably, at the time,” said Tisdale. 

Many will remember some of Tisdale’s iconic red carpet looks:

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Tisdale can’t stop laughing about it, since her wardrobe has come a long way from Sharpay.

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The actress and recording artist has a new album forthcoming called Symptoms, due for release in early 2019.

“The whole album is personal. It’s called Symptoms and it’s really based off of my journey through anxiety and depression. I felt like ‘Voices [In My Head]’ was the best first single because it really explains what the whole album is about,” Tisdale said.

“I co-wrote every single song on the album and it’s so different. It’s a different feeling from like my past music because it is so personal, and everything from the music video, to the art, to the music itself has been all of me and just my creative vision. It’s something that I feel fans will really get to know me for the first time, rather than just me as a character on a movie or a TV show.”

It’s been 12 years since the premiere of High School Musical, and it is fun to see Tisdale reflect on where she was back then.

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