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Community Fears A Serial Killer After Dismembered Feet Keep Washing Up On Shore

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To everyone who already scared themselves stupid by watching Netflix’s Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, you’re about to have another reason to avoid the Pacific Northwest like the plague.

The CBC is reporting further developments in the decade plus long case of disembodied human feet washing up on the shores around Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

The first foot washed ashore, clad in a sneaker, in August 2007. The FIFTEENTH disembodied sneaker clad foot was discovered in September 2018.

The British Columbia Coroners Service mapped out the location where each foot was found, whether it was the right or left foot, what it was wearing (14 were clad in sneakers, one in a boot) and if the foot has been “identified.”

B.C. Coroners Service

But why is all this information being shared with the public?

10 of the 15 feet have been identified with DNA evidence. All of the identified feet belong to missing persons.

One foot found in 2011 belongs to a man who went missing in 1985!

Where has his foot been for 26 years‽

Eight of the 15 feet were found to belong to four people, meaning both the left and right foot from the same person were found. But none of the pairs of feet washed ashore at the same time.

Foot #8, a left foot belonging to an unidentified man, was found in August 2011. Over a year later in October 2012, foot #10 was found.

And all the other body parts still remain missing.

The coroners service stated the feet are not directly linked to specific crimes due to the inability to determine a cause of death.

It should be noted that the coroners service is only trying to identify the remains. Once the remains are identified, the case for the coroners service is considered solved.

Investigating why these missing people became separated from their feet and why their feet ended up in the Pacific Ocean would be a matter for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). But with no cause of death, the RCMP has no crime to investigate.

Did all of these missing people die of natural causes?

Or did something more sinister happen to them?

Some in and around Vancouver are beginning to fear a serial killer.

According to Vancouver City Coroner Stephen Fonseca, there is “no evidence of mechanical disarticulation”—meaning the feet show no direct evidence of cutting tools or other forms of manual removal from the rest of the body.

Fonseca added:

“There’s certainly nothing to indicate that they died at the hands of another.”

However with only a foot that has been exposed to the environment for an unknown period to go on, little evidence of tool marks would remain unless it was found on the bones still attached to the foot.

Were the feet cut off or did they fall off?

Without a fresh foot or the rest of the body, there is no way to tell.

People theorized the feet came from downed airliners or ships lost at sea or tsunami victims or were medical waste or the result of a funeral home dumping bodies in the ocean as well as other logical explanations, but the positive identifications disproved all those theories.

That doesn’t stop people from continuing to share the disproven theories as fact however.

With 5 more feet left to identify (so far), the Coroners Service is asking for the public’s help.

Andy Watson, a spokesperson for the B.C. Coroners Service, said:

“Typically, our process would be that we would work with any of the available information that we would find at a scene to help determine the identity, but, in this case, we’ve exhausted those options.”

“So, now we’re turning to the public, in hopes that we can get some information to help create a match and determine the identification.”

Adding to the mystery, not all of the remains belonged to Canadians.

Some belonged to people from the United States. The active tide systems surrounding the beaches of British Columbia are thought to be the reason for this.


The Vancouver police would like anybody with information to contact BC Coroners Service at 1-877-660-5077 and [email protected]

In addition to positive identification, hopefully the mystery of where these feet are coming from and what happened to the people they belonged to will also be solved.

All that is known for sure is 7 missing persons’ cases spanning 33 years lead to 10 disembodied feet washing ashore in British Columbia over the last 12 years along with 5 more unidentified feet belonging to 4 more people.

  • 15 feet so far
  • 11 people
  • 33 years of missing persons’ cases
  • 12 years of feet washing ashore

It may turn out that all 11 people died of natural causes or maybe something fishy really is going on here.


Written by Mike Walsh

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