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Man Arrested After Memory Card Labeled ‘Homicide’ Found On Alaska Street Shows Woman’s Murder

Sebastian Leesch / EyeEm via Getty Images

An SD card found on the street in Alaska, labeled “Homicide,” showed a man killing a woman at a hotel in Anchorage.

Now 48 year-old Brian Smith from South Africa has been arraigned for and charged with first degree murder.

The file on the SD card showed him strangling a woman while repeating:

“Just die.”

When a body was found on the side of  the road at Milepost 108 of the Seward Highway, police were easily able to connect the dots.

In a report by KTUU, Smith was already the subject of another ongoing investigation, which is why police were able to easily identify him.

“According to the charging documents, after police obtained a warrant for Smith’s cell phone records, they were able to trace his location to the area where the human remains were found within minutes of when the last still image on the SD card was created.”

The police believe that the crime occurred in early September at TownePlace Suites by Marriott in Midtown Anchorage.

The case is pending before a grand jury.

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Written by Mike Walsh

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