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Dozens Of Breast-Feeding Moms Hold ‘Nurse-In’ At Minnesota Pool After Two Moms Were Scolded

Don’t mess with moms.

In Minneapolis, dozens of breastfeeding moms gathered at Mora Pool for a “Nurse-In” after Stephanie Buchanan and her sister-in-law, Mary Davis, were scolded for breastfeeding their babies and asked to cover up or go to a private area.

“I felt like I needed to drive down from Duluth to support her,” said Mary Carlson, who made a 90-mile trip to the Nurse-In with her baby boy, Theo. “The first time he started to cry in public, I freaked out and said, ‘What do I do?’ And then I covered him up and he would not stay covered. He wouldn’t latch, he would scream louder. It’s uncomfortable.”

Photo via CBS
Photo via CBS
Photo via CBS

“It’s really emotional, it’s amazing,” Buchanan said to CBS Local Minnesota, upon seeing the turnout of the crowd. “We are really really thankful for all the support that we received.”

The two women plan to file an anti-discrimination lawsuit against the pool. Minnesota state law allows women to breastfeed their children anywhere without penalty.

“People have no problem seeing puppies feed from their mama, and it’s so cute, but then the minute a mom starts to breastfeed some people say it makes them uncomfortable. They don’t like it, they have a certain set of expectations about how her mother should breastfeed,” Davis said.

People continue to shame mothers for breastfeeding their children in public places all around the country. Idaho currently has no laws to protect breastfeeding mothers, while South Dakota and Virginia have not passed total protections.

In a society that seems to get more conservative by the hour, will these rights continue to be protected? Not if the mothers at Mora pool have anything to say about it.

H/T: CBS, Huffington Post


Written by Mike Walsh

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