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People Are Pointing Out A Glaring Issue With Nike’s ‘Gender-Neutral’ Clothing

So the idea behind “gender neutral” is that the options aren’t gendered.

The qualifier of gender is removed from their labeling in any way.

But it doesn’t seem like anybody told Nike about this.

Here are the photos @Wilfreyfrey shared from the Nike website’s gender neutral section:

Nike gender neutral
Nike gender neutral
Nike gender neutral
Nike gender neutral

Something still saying “men’s” and “women’s” is not gender neutral. Even when they’re the same clothes, that is not gender neutrality.

And users have no sympathy.

Twitter user @DanaVivianWhite was not only not amused, but angered by the company’s failure to correctly execute their product but still be willing to take money from queer people.

And others are sharing the outrage.

Nike has yet to comment on the fiasco.

But the public has lots to say.


Yeah, why does it resemble “men’s”?

Gendering gender neutral clothes is the opposite of the right way to sell gender neutral products.

Nike—just do it…better, next time.


Written by Mike Walsh

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