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Phoenix Cop Who Threatened To Shoot Black Family Over Dollar Store Doll Will Be Fired, Police Chief Says


A Phoenix Police officer who threatened to shoot a young family over a barbie doll and also kicked a handcuffed man will be fired, says Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.

The video surfaced in early June 2019 and shows Officer Christopher Meyer sweeping the leg of the father whom he has handcuffed and held against the car.

The full story quickly took shape:

And other vantage points from the incident began to emerge:

The incident was taken into consideration by the department’s disciplinary review board, which includes police officers and members of the community.

Ultimately, the officer who screamed “You’re going to get f***ing shot!” will receive a reprimand, and Officer Christopher Meyer who also made verbal threats will be fired for his unruly physical conduct.

Williams—in a press conference announcing that Officer Meyer would be fired—said:

“I have expectations of my employees to be respectful, to be courteous, to be decisive, and to treat everyone with dignity.”

DISCIPLINARY ACTION TAKEN AGAINST PHOENIX POLICE OFFICERSPhoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams announced discipline, including two terminations tied to high-profile incidents today.In the first case, an officer has been fired based on his response to a shoplifting call. The May 27th incident was captured on cell phone video that made news both locally and across the country. Chief Williams made the final decision to terminate Officer Chris Meyer, saying his actions caused adverse effects on both the Phoenix Police Department and our community. A second officer from the same incident was given a written reprimand.The Police Chief also announced discipline for employees connected to social media posts, including one termination. 72 current employees were flagged as having possible inappropriate posts. An internal investigation looked at our policy and determined most of those employees’ actions rose to the level of supervisory coaching. Of the remaining 11 employees deemed to be in more serious violation of the policy, one was terminated, nine others received suspensions of 8-40 hours. The remaining employee is still in the investigative process.“Our officers’ behavior was unacceptable,” said Chief Williams. “I expect them to be respectful, professional and compassionate in every situation and every encounter.”The Phoenix Police Department receives more than 2,000,000 calls for service each year. The overwhelming majority of those calls and contacts end well. “But when they don’t, we will deal with the misconduct and create a dynamic where further harm isn’t done,” said Williams.Chief Williams commended the professionalism and respect delivered by most officers in their thousands of daily encounters with the public. “It’s what I expect and what the public deserves.”

Posted by City of Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The incident took place after 22 year old Dravon Ames, Iesha Harper (his pregnant fiancé) and their children aged 1 and 4, were shopping at a Family Dollar and their 4 year-old daughter accidentally walked out with a doll.

After an arrest of a family member of Harper’s on outstanding warrants, officers followed Ames and Harper to their apartment complex and pulled Ames out of the car, threatening to “put a cap in [his] *ss.”

Williams said she ultimately decided to fire the officer because she felt she could no longer trust Officer Meyer.

“In this case, a 240-hour suspension is just not sufficient to reverse the adverse effects of his actions on our department and our community.”

Ames and Harper have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city.

“This can happen to anybody,” Ames said, reflecting on the incident.

“I really, really would hate to see that happen to anybody or someone dies over that, because I really feel like my family would have died over this — a Barbie doll.”

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