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Stephen King Has A Legit Reason For Wanting Iowa GOP Lawmaker Steve King Voted Out Of Office ?

Stephen King is a world-renowned and beloved author/screenwriter of horror and thriller stories such as The Shining, It and Pet Semetary. Now he has a message for Iowans: vote OUT his Republican namesake!

The “racist dumbbell” whom Stephen King (the author) is confused with, is Steve King (R-IA) of the House of Representatives. Steve King’s racism runs deep, as he has been quoted making racist remarks against immigrants and, during a recent trip to Austria, reportedly met with a far-right party founded by a former Nazi SS Officer.

King won his last eight elections without much opposition, but he may have gotten too comfortable in office.

According to a Des Moines Register/Media.com Iowa Poll released on Saturday, November 3rd, in light of his anti-Semitic ties and the recent Tree Of Life shooting, 45% percent of voters who responded to the poll said they planned to vote Democrat, while only 39% said they would vote for King again.

Today is the big day. November 6th.

Together, you, I, and Stephen King can vote the Republicans out of office.

H/T: Washington Post, New York Times


Written by Mike Walsh

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