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‘The Royals’ Star Elizabeth Hurley Has Some Solid Advice For Princess-To-Be Meghan Markle

Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena on E!’s show ‘The Royals’ has only one piece of advice for Meghan Markle, who will be joining the British royal family with her wedding to Prince Harry:

“Grab the best tiara.”

This advice comes after an interview on Today in which Hurley said she thought Markle was “enchanting”:

And Hurley’s advice about the crown comes from her own affinity for wearing a crown on ‘The Royals.’  “I may buy myself one,” she said.

And when asked how she felt about an American joining the royal family, Hurley said: “I think it’s excellent news.  Meghan looks incredibly princess-y, and hopefully there will be lots more mini princes and princesses soon for the world to drool over.”

Needless to say, we are all very excited.

H/T: People


Written by Mike Walsh

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