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Trump Reportedly Directed Eric Trump And Michael Cohen To Keep Stormy Daniels From Speaking Out

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump was directly involved in an attempt to stop Stormy Daniels from speaking out about their affair in 2006.

In a phone call to his legal counsel, Michael Cohen (who has now pleaded guilty to two campaign finance violations in conjunction with the Russia investigation), Trump requested a coordinated effort with his son, Eric Trump, and a second lawyer, to get a restraining order against Daniels in order to enforce a non-disclosure agreement against her for the affair.

The president then told Cohen he would “take care of everything,” including costs.

Clearly, the attempt did not work, as evidenced by Daniels’ publishing of her tell-all book ‘Full Disclosure,’ and the repeated insults towards Trump’s performance in bed.

Trump still denies the affair, and that he had anything to do with the cover-up. Furthermore, this arrangement involved the Trump Organization in the scandal, as he involved his son Eric, who is an executive member of the board.

This is muddy water, though–Eric Trump could simply claim to be acting as son rather than as business partner.

Not to mention, this phone call was made during the aftermath of the Parkland school shootings, which claimed the lives of 17 people.

Honestly, does the web get more tangled than this?

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