Woman Has Severe Anaphylactic Reaction After Ingesting Partner’s Semen

Towfiqu Photography/Getty Images

This somehow sounds both like an urban legend and also the worst Saturday night ever.

A 31 year old unidentified woman from Alicante, Spain was rushed to the hospital after having a severe anaphylactic reaction to trace amount of penicillin in her partner’s semen.

The reaction began only a few moments following the act.

By the time the woman showed up to the emergency room of the General University Hospital of Alicante, she was “vomiting profusely, had shortness of breath and her entire body was covered in hives.”


At first doctors thought it could be a sperm allergy—which sadly is a real thing and involves being allergic to one or more of the proteins found in seminal plasma—but the woman had no history of this allergy in any past relationship.

The man was taking ibuprofen and Augmentin, a type of antibiotic containing amoxicillin.

He’d recently taken a dose four hours prior to their sexual contact.  And the woman was diagnosed as a child with a penicillin allergy—thereby explaining the reaction.

However, the case was still unusual enough that it warranted a case study.

“To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of a possible amoxicillin induced anaphylaxis in a woman after an oral sexual contact with a man who was taking the drug.”

Thankfully, the patient was treated with epinephrine and made a full recovery. The doctors recommend using condoms for oral sex if your partner is taking any medication you may be allergic to.

The case study concludes:

“We think that as clinicians it is important to be aware of this phenomenon … to inform and prevent potentially serious reactions in sensitized patients.”



Written by Mike Walsh

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