Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Decided To Retract Her Apology For That Topless Photoshoot

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These days Miley Cyrus is best known for being her unapologetically free-spirited self (well, that and a damn good singer!) but 10 years ago she was a 15-year-old girl growing up in the scorching limelight of Hollywood.

As any child star can attest, it's a complex space to be in at such a young age—caught between being a child and an adult, just learning who you are and what you want, and on top of it all you're under a microscope for everything you do and say and you're constantly being told that "You're a role model," for other kids.

That's why when Cyrus stumbled upon a 10-year-old pic of her famous bare back Annie Leibovitz photo shoot emblazoned on the cover of the New York Post with the headline, "Miley's Shame," an older, wiser, and much more confident Cyrus decided to clap back on Twitter, saying just what she thought of that headline.

And it's what host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to talk about when he had Cyrus on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live recently:

The tweet received a lot of attention and garnered nearly 3000 comments—most in full support of Cyrus.

Though, as always there were the haters, who were only too happy to step up and tell Cyrus how "sexualized" her back was…

In the end though, Vix may have just said it best:

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Written by Vanessa Nix Anthony

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