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Minnesota Middle School Teacher Suspended After Video Shows Her Using The N-Word To Refer To Black Students

Black Lives Matter St. Paul/Facebook

The 2019 school year is almost over for everyone.

Now, thanks to a video hitting the web and going viral, it might be the end of school permanently for one St. Paul, Minnesota teacher.

Highland Park Middle School Social Studies teacher, Wendy Brilowski, was caught on film talking to another faculty member in the hallway. Both Brilowski and the other faculty member were surrounded by students, as she attempted to explain a classroom situation.

She said:

“I just walk around the room and I just pick on them…Cause they’re Black and they’re the only f*cking n***** doing any work.”

Students were heard audibly gasping, with one of her co-workers responding, “That’s what you’ve been saying…”

Though Brilowski attempted to backpedal, apologizing, the damage had been done and the video had been posted.

Though the original video went viral before Facebook removed it, another potentially shortened version has hit the social media site, leading to Brilowski receiving a suspension

News station KARE 11 conducted an interview with families and children who attend the school. Many were visibly shaken their child went to a school with a racist teacher.

One student said:

“She was saying she targets black people and that she’s calling out…”

The interviewer assures the student she  doesn’t have to say the word when she trails off.

The students goes on:

“Effing n-words, and…yeah…”

Her mother, Brandy Coleman, told the station:

“To know that I send her out every day to be safe somewhere that she’s not, to know that she’s being badgered and being targeted and no one was there to advocate for her, it breaks my heart.”

There was no stopping social media from offering their thoughts once the video spread:

Joe Gothard, superintendent at Saint Paul Public Schools, said in a statement:

“The words and actions recorded in this video have caused harm to our Black students, their families, and our entire school community.

“We will not be silent in the face of racist language in our schools—and we cannot perpetuate it.

“We will not make excuses for actions that hurt the students that we as educators have dedicated our lives to serve.”

Brilowski’s punishment continues to be suspension, as of writing,


Written by Robert Acosta

Robert Acosta is an elementary school teacher, private tutor, freelance writer, and middle-grade author based out of Phoenix, AZ. In his free time he likes to think way too much about comic books and hang out with his wife and two cats.