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Mom Gets A Shock When Her Nest Security Camera Captures What Looks Like Her Deceased Son’s Ghost In Her Kitchen ????

Facebook: Jennifer Bryant Hodge

Two years ago, Jennifer Hodge of Atlanta, Georgia, lost her son in a tragic overdose. Last week, on January 10, she was laying on her bed watching television with her 21-year-old daughter when she received a notification from her Nest security camera. It had snapped a photo of something moving in the kitchen… and Jennifer couldn’t believe what—or who—she was seeing.

Putting this out there so people will see this is the email I received from It has been a crazy…

Posted by Jennifer Bryant Hodge on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jennifer and many of her friends thought the shadow which triggered the camera resembled her late son Robbie.

Posted by Jennifer Bryant Hodge on Monday, October 8, 2018

Hodge told The Mirror her story:

“I was laying in bed watching TV with my daughter and I was just about asleep. The phone was lay between us and I got this message notification saying someone was in the kitchen. She was like ‘Mum, there’s a person in the kitchen… Mum, that’s Robbie. She just said, ‘Mum, look! It looks like Robbie.’ I was stunned. And it did look just like him — beard and all.”

Despite her fear, Hodge ran to the kitchen but found nothing. She’s convinced her son appeared on the screen to send her a message:

“I felt like he was letting me know he is happy in heaven.”

This is a more clear picture of what my nest cam security system caught on film Saturday night…. Rip Robbie Hodge

Posted by Jennifer Bryant Hodge on Monday, January 7, 2019

She also wrote:

“That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it’s weird. I’m in awe — why did this happen to me? I haven’t seen anything since, and I had never seen a ghost before. Does it look like Robbie? Yes. I would love to see anybody else’s camera where people might look transparent. This is just weird.”

Before he died, Hodge hoped to help Robbie overcome his addiction:

“He had an addiction, and we thought for sure it had to be heroin when he passed away. But the only thing that we could track down is where he was buying Xanax. He and I together had started a charity before he died, and it was to turn real estate into a way of saving lives and stopping addiction. … He used to try and help other people when he was in need of help too.”

Twitter was equal parts terrified and touched by Hodge’s tale:

But perhaps the real question was…why would the ghost appear in the kitchen?

This is, of course, far from the first time someone has claimed to see a ghost on security footage.

This time, however, Hodge can rest easy knowing her son still wants the best for her. We’d all be lucky to have a ghost like that.


Written by Collin Gossel

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