Mom Goes On Racist Tirade Against Her Sister-In-Law For Not Dropping Paying Clients To Tutor Her Daughter For Free

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Subreddit “Choosing Beggars” always has the perfect thing to make you rage-quit your week.  Happy Monday!

This week’s selection includes racism as well as straight up entitlement.

u/timberdogbarks posted the thread:

"Don’t guilt trip me for not paying you, you don’t even need the money and being greedy is a sin." My racist sister in law demands I turn down my clients to tutor her daughter when it suits her. And while I’m at it, I should come in early to fix her breakfast. from ChoosingBeggars

The mother in question wanted free tutoring for her daughter from her sister-in-law:

She starts by asking:

“why can’t you just dump you Wednesday’s lesson and free it for my daughter?”

The original poster replied, completely reasonably:

“I told you the only days I can tutor Cassie are Tues&Thurs 5-6, if you can’t fit that window she’d have to join in with the rest.

I’m more than happy to help Cassie improve her grades because we’re family, but I’m not gonna ‘dump’ paying clients who have been with me for so long, causing me to lose money.”

Duh. We all have bills to pay.

The sister-in-law continued.

“Well you give me no choice I’ll talk to my brother and tell him you refuse to help Cass and its youre fault when she fails her class.  Drop your wednesdays classes you dont need the money anyway.”

And she continued to get more aggressive:

“ok wtf are you trying to make me feel guilty for not paying you???”

“We’re family don’t be rude and greedy (A SIN) Im willing to accept you coming to our house on Saturday morning at 8 to teach her.”

“Make sure to come 15min earlier to fix her breakfast cuz Saturdays we like to sleep till late and have her dressed and ready at 10 for grammy to pick her up and take her to hers.”

After finally being denied a twelve-thousandth time, the sister-in-law reverted to racism.


“Your humeliating me and insulting my family im gonna call my brother rn and hes gonna dump your m***rel ass you think youre above my family sitting on your pile of cash the richest b**** in the cemetery LEARN YOUR PLACE YOU HOUSE N*****”

Yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes.

Reddit users were completely sympathetic to the tutor (obviously):

“Since she is the sister-in-law of the OP, Reddit had some questions.”

“She’s a terrible person. Will your brother side with her?”

“She’s clearly, as we say in the South, a bit touched. Dont try to use reason here since they dont respond to it.”

“I’d cease contact and just stay above the fray and not get further involved. Your SO knows they aren’t stable.”


The OP laid out the situation:

“He’s my husband, his sister has disliked me from the day she met me because I’m black and a foreigner. She’s a racist and when she’s angry it shows. She resents the fact he chose me over his family. His family is very racist and cut ties with him when we got married. His parents haven’t met our children yet because they’re mixed race and they don’t want to anything to do with us. We kept in touch with his sister because she’s his little sister and she lives near us, but she’s always making sly comments and coveted racist remarks towards me.”

“My husband has told her many times that as much as he loves her he won’t tolerate her treating me like sh*t just because my skin happens to be dark, but she had never called me anything as bad as what she did today.”

“My husband was with me while I was texting with her and saw the messages. He called her up straight away and told her she’s dead to him and doesn’t want to hear from her ever again. She cried her eyes out (crocodile tears) and said she’d apologize to me and didn’t really mean what she said but her daughter is failing her classes and it’s my fault because I don’t want tutor her.”

“She did mean it, she’s only crying because she got caught. We have given her many chances but there’s no cure for racism and stupidity. And I already told her I have no problem with her daughter coming in for tutoring after school with the other kids, I won’t even charge her because I genuinely want to help her get better grades, but I’m not gonna quit tutoring the other (paying) kids just because some are black and she doesn’t want her daughter sitting in the same room as them. Funny because there are black kids in her class in school and she doesn’t put up a fight because she knows she can’t get away with being racist towards kids in a public school and they won’t give her crazy demands the time of day.”


“The problem comes because her daughter has zumba and other activities after school every day of the week except Wednesdays, so because she wants me to tutor her exclusively, she expects me to get rid of the other kids and spend the hour teaching her daughter alone. How am I gonna dismiss my Wednesdays class just for her, when her daughter is welcome to come anyway? What am I supposed to tell the kids’ parents, that I can’t work for them anymore because their presence bothers my sister in law? Am I supposed to say no to that money to teach her daughter for free? I don’t mind teaching her for free but she has to compromise and bring her in with everybody else. Or you know, give priority to her grades over zumba, quit zumba and bring her in for tutoring.”

“Oh and trust me I do need the money, I have bills to pay just like everybody else, but in her head we must be loaded because we go on holidays once a year and we enjoy eating out sometimes and going to the movies.”

“Sorry for the long rant but I’m super pissed she had the guts to call me those things.”

And even more transpired after her Sister-In-Law saw the Reddit thread:

“Husband has sent sister in law a link to this thread as well as uploading the screenshots onto Facebook too.”

“If you’re reading this I hope listening to what people have to say opens your eyes to how wrong your way of thinking is, and helps you let go of all the hatred you have inside. Even if it’s just for the sake of your daughter.”

“I resent you but I don’t hate you. If you realize why your point of view is wrong and if you’re able to feel genuine remorse for what you did, I will forgive you, even though we’re never going to speak to you again.”

“All that unjustified hatred is gonna eat you up inside. Read, talk to people, educate yourself. Read your beloved bible again, because I don’t think you understood what Jesus’ message was. All your hatred comes from fear and ignorance but you have the power to change it.”

At the very least, this woman’s behavior is not being tolerated.

But this is America in 2019, and we all have a duty to tell everybody that racism like this is unacceptable in all situations.


Written by Mike Walsh

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