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Mom Horrified After Coloring Book She Gave Her Young Daughter Contains Sexually Explicit Material

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For one mother, this past Christmas went from whimsical to horrifying as soon as her daughter cracked open one of her gifts.

What was it?

A coloring book that included a couple pages full of sex position names, sexual puns and an exhaustive list of sex toys.

Sionain Garland was taken completely by surprise when her 7-year-old daughter, Chloe, opened her new coloring set, which seemed normal until they turned to the couple sex pages, The Sun reported.

The pages, which came in the form of a notepad offering a list of choices, contained all the trappings of an adult-only board game.

Names like “Harry Ballsack,” “Goldie Showers,” and “Anita Handjob” all made an appearance. And beyond that, toys like handcuffs, anal beads, and even a “Rabbit Vibrator” were included in the list.

Chloe received the gift from her own best friend, and as pictures taken by The Sun showed, it looked a lot like a normal coloring book from the outside.

Garland told The Sun how shocked she was to find the sex-filled notepads. 

“It’s absolutely shocking and totally inappropriate.”

“The page is stuck in the book just like all the other pages, and it consists of a list of sex positions, sex toys, sexual sort of names and places to have sex.”

“This colouring and stationery book is aimed at under-eights so you don’t expect to see such sexually explicit material in there.”

Garland also explained why she was sure that the pages were not just crudely stuck in there as some sort of prank. 

“The book was in a plastic outer package that we had to cut off and the game sheet was attached to the inside front cover.”

“The way it is attached means that it must have been done at the time it was printed because it looks as though it has been professionally bound, not just stuck in there randomly.”

The book was purchased at a toy shop in Cardiff, Wales called The Entertainer.

A spokesperson for the store confirmed they were made aware of the issue. 

“We are investigating the alleged issue with this product and as a precautionary measure we have removed it from sale.”

As the heading of the sex-filled notepads showed, they were clearly meant to appear in a different board game known as “Sex and Intrigue” an adult-oriented party game that seems to operate along the lines of “Clue.”

Except, you know, instead of who killed who it’s all about who did who.

In further comments to The Sun, Garland shared how glad she was to be there when the big discovery came to light. 

“I’m only grateful that she opened the present down here in front of us all and she didn’t realise exactly what she was looking at, but it’s not really on to put this sort of material in with something that is aimed at very young children.”

“Chloe is at the age now where she can read and starting to ask questions so I don’t really want her exposed to things such as this.”

“I couldn’t make sense of it at first because it was so out of place.”

People who came across the story online found the whole ordeal pretty entertaining. 

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 The story leaves one wondering if a bunch of adults sat down to play the game and came across a mermaid to color in.

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Written by Eric Spring

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