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Mom Horrified After Police Suspect Her Intellectually Disabled Son Who Can’t Even Drive Of Somehow ‘Fleeing’ Traffic Stop


In Pennsylvania, a family was pulled over by police after officers identified the young man in the passenger seat as a possible suspect in a recent incident in which someone fled a traffic stop.

The young man in the passenger seat, however, was severely autistic and had never driven a day in his life.

His mother and sister, who were also in the car, repeatedly told officers that vital piece of information. Nonetheless, the Pennsylvania State Troopers ordered the young man out of the car to inspect him further.

The entire incident was captured on video and published on TikTok in a series of posts by the young man’s sister, known as queenofoncall on the social media site.

The first clip began after  the young man was already taken out of the car. His mother was distraught as a Kennett Township Police Department Officer attempted to calm her down:

“It’s not alright. What don’t you understand about him being autistic and intellectually disabled? He can’t even sign his name!”

Off camera, the young man evidently asked if he was in trouble and prompted both his mother and sister to assure him he was not:

“You did nothing wrong, Jimmy. You did nothing wrong.”

The clip ended as his mother implored the police to keep their body cams and confirmed they would continue filming with the phone.  

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In a second clip, the mother continued to feel distraught as more police arrived to the scene.

“My son has an IQ of 76. Why are all these police coming with sirens?”

“I’m his mother I have fought for him for 20 years. Why? Why all of this?”

One State Trooper leaned into the car window and offered to explain. His approach to that fell off the rails pretty quick:

“You want me to explain everything? Are you gonna stop yelling? Alright then I’m not gonna explain it. Alright keep being irrational and I’ll be irrational too.”

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Finally, in the third clip, another Pennsylvania State Trooper leaned in to explain the situation clearly:

“If someone in the area flees the scene and somebody in the area looks like them with an exact match, then we stop and we have to identify them.”

When the mother again explained that he cannot drive, the officer divulged more information:

“It wasn’t the driver of the vehicle. That’s where we’re coming from. Once everything is cleared up, then you’re free to go.”

“We just have to confirm that it’s not the person that fled from the traffic stop. This is something that happens all the time.”

Eventually, the check was completed and the officer allowed them to go. 

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In a fourth video, the young man’s sister who filmed the entire incident took a moment to share an update and her emotional reflections following the event. 

She explained that she’d spoken with the officer who pulled her brother out of the car. According to her, he showed no remorse and made no apology:

“We were informed…that we were overreacting and that they did everything perfectly legally and if my brother wasn’t autistic he would’ve been in handcuffs and pat down.”

“So…um…ya…that’s where we are now.”

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When the clips made the rounds on the internet, people were livid. 

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Ultimately, we can rest assured that the family was eventually allowed to leave and nothing wild came of the incident.

But as the sister’s last video illustrated, there is simply no denying the lasting impacts of an emotional situation like that. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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