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YouTuber Sparks Debate After Performing Play-Doh C-Section With Her 4-Year-Old Son For His Birthday

The Breakfasteur/YouTube

YouTuber The Breakfasteur, who uses her channel to give lessons on anatomy and physiology in digestible and creative ways, sparked a debate amongst viewers when her newest video depicted a Play-Doh Caesarean Section (or C-Section).

The C-Section itself, while accurately depicted with the modeling clay and quite an interesting watch on its own, was not the main source of the debate.

The Breakfasteur appeared to involve her 4-year-old-child in the step-by-step breakdown, a move which some are deeming inappropriate.

The mother and son duo use plastic tools to complete the procedure, and at the end, the little boy pulls a Spider-Man plush toy out of the dissected “uterus.”

The toy also had a false umbilical cord that The Breakfasteur helped her son cut.

The amount of debate inspired by this video in turn inspired The Breakfasteur to speak out about what brought her to do the “procedure” with her little one in the first place.

She wrote:

“Our little guy just had a birthday (the big 4!).”

“And we reminisced about the eventful, unexpected day he arrived and the flurry of amazing people involved with getting him here safely.”

Still, not everybody was pleased with her birthday present.

However, The Breakfasteur’s birthday activity was certainly creative, and educational, if a bit unpleasant.

Her YouTube channel features several more Play-Doh surgeries, all of which are fascinating but may give you a run for your money if you’re squeamish.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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